Peterbrooke Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Small Popcorn Teaser Box - Peterbrooke Chocolatier
Small Popcorn Teaser Box

At Peterbrooke Chocolatier, our signature milk chocolate covered popcorn is a best seller. And for a great reason! We combine our special silky-smooth milk chocolate with the buttery crunch of movie-theatre-style popcorn to create a match made in Peterbrooke heaven.

All of Peterbrooke chocolates are Kosher and UTZ Certified. UTZ- @utzcertified is part of the Rainforest Alliance - @rainforestalliance. This partnership ensures the global sustainable farming of cacao while providing farmers with better opportunities for growth and profitability. The UTZ and Rainforest Alliance program allows Peterbrooke’s cacao farmers to learn more environmentally friendly growing methods that increase crop yields while improving working conditions and simultaneously safeguarding our planet. Peterbrooke was one of the earliest adopters of the UTZ certification in the United States and is a proud part of sustainability program that involves all aspects of the chocolate supply chain.