Peterbrooke Online Rewards

What is the Peterbrooke Online Rewards?

Peterbrooke Online Rewards is our way of thanking you for choosing to shop at

Join now and earn points for signing up, shopping online, celebrating your birthday and sharing the love! As a loyalty member, you will feel the sweetness of Peterbrooke Online by being rewarded with exclusive email offers.

How it works

Join Join
Sign up for Peterbrooke Online Rewards to earn points and gain access to exclusive offers
1 point for every $1 you spend on Peterbrooke Online, plus bonus perks like birthday points.
Redeem Redeem
Redeem points for sweets or free shipping. 75points = $5
How To Earn Points

How To Earn Points

• Join Peterbrooke Online Rewards

• Shop online with us

• Celebrate your birthday

• Refer a friend


Peterbrooke FAQS

It’s easy to get started, and completely free. Simply create an account and earn 50 points
For every dollar you spend with us, you receive 1 point, $1= 1 point, Feel the sweetness by visiting the Earn tab. Other ways to earn:
Registration bonus = 50 points
Birthday Bonus= 75 points
Frequent Shopper (shop 2x within 60 days) =50 points
Sign in to your rewards account at and visit the redeem tab to view and apply rewards. If logged in and shopping , your rewards will be available to add to your cart at checkout.
Peterbrooke Online Rewards are only valid if shopping in our online store at