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Peterbrooke 2020 Office party platter box- DRAFT

The Peterbrooke 2020 Office platter is a selection of your favorite sweets individually wrapped ready and safe to share at the front desk, in a meeting room or the break room. This platter contains a total of 30 snacks:

2 pcs hand dipped oreos

2 pcs pretzel rod

2 pcs graham

3 oz popcorn

individual wrapped chocolate foils


<p>American owned <br>and made</p>

American owned
and made

<p>Handmade in <br>small batches</p>

Handmade in
small batches

<p>UTZ certified chocolate <br>grown and produced</p>

UTZ certified chocolate
grown and produced

<p>Gift messaging <br>available</p>

Gift messaging

<p>Peterbrooke <br>since 1983</p>

since 1983

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