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Thank You Chocolate Delights Basket

Say Thank You with this sampling of Peterbrooke's many chocolate treats. This Thank you Basket includes:

• 6 oz milk chocolate covered popcorn heart, movie style popcorn covered with our rich Peterbrooke chocolate BEST SELLER!
• 8 oz Caramel Corn Crunch drizzled with dark chocolate, wonderfully sweet and delightful crunch.
• 9 piece assortment of handmade chocolates, including caramels, nut clusters, creams, peanut butter meltaways and toffees.
• 7 oz Milk Chocolate hand-dipped pretzel twist, creamy sweet, crunchy, salty and delicious.
• 2 Hand-dipped Milk Chocolate Oreos, America's favorite cookie in Peterbrooke chocolate.
• 2 Hand-dipped Milk Chocolate Graham crackers, a nostalgic treat for all ages
• Our English toffee bar, made with real butter, sugar and almonds covered with Peterbrooke’s sweet and creamy chocolate and roasted almonds.
• Seasonal chocolate foils

    Dimensions 13” L x 9” W x 14” H

    Please note: Actual products may vary from those shown in the photo.
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    <p>American owned <br>and made</p>

    American owned
    and made

    <p>Handmade in <br>small batches</p>

    Handmade in
    small batches

    <p>UTZ certified chocolate <br>grown and produced</p>

    UTZ certified chocolate
    grown and produced

    <p>Gift messaging <br>available</p>

    Gift messaging

    <p>Peterbrooke <br>since 1983</p>

    since 1983

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